Using business intelligence and analytics effectively is a big task to perform, and it has been a major factor to understand the difference between companies that succeed and companies that fail. Businesses need to pay attention to the way content is being used. The companies that are most successful at marketing in both B2C and B2B prefer using data and Online BI Tools to target hyper-specific campaigns that might reach out to their desired prospects with a great message. Everything is being tested, and only then do the campaigns get success.

Various surveys show that over 65% of organizations tend to adopt BI Software or Analytics tools in their regular operations. Just 20% have successfully used Business Intelligence tools and analytics, and only 15% of enterprises have properly gained positive results out of this data strategy. This shows Business Intelligence (BI) is easy to talk about, but hard to implement and even harder to do well.

In this article, we will discuss the Benefits Of Business Intelligence with a few case studies and some tools that you can use to enhance your website performance and ensure business continuity.

How can you move your intelligence efforts forward when you don’t know what to look for?

With the availability of high-level Big Data Analytics and tracking, there’s no reason to not be able to measure the ROI accurately. In fact, by that metric, traditional advertising methods like TV and radio ads aren’t pulling their weight. Consumers are simply more immune to impersonal ads than ever before. Advertising by putting in a lot of money has been obsoleted, business intelligence platform provides maximum ROI for your business in a less amount of time with the least consumption of resources.

So, companies do not need to worry about the benefits of Business Intelligence. We will even talk further about some of them with briefcase studies, which might help you understand this topic more easily.

What Free or Paid Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools You Can Make Use Of?

We have a list of useful BI tools that help businesses or even individuals to achieve their business goals more professionally.

  • SAP Business Objects
  • Data Pine
  • IBM Watson
  • SAS Business Intelligence
  • Yellowfin BI
  • Will Sense
  • Zoho Analytics
  • Azure Stream
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Looker
Now let’s talk about some benefits of adopting Business Intelligence tools in your regular operations with some case studies:

1. Company Description

Name-, Light Design and Supplier from New York, United States. Specialized in LED fixtures and retro kits specifically for commercial space.

How is Google Analytics being used?

This was used to automatically identify prospects who were “most likely to engage”, and then used to conduct remarketing with more targeted product pages to those users. Google’s Conversion Optimizer was used to adjust possible customer bids automatically for better conversions.

Value Proposition

  • Remarketing campaigns triggered by smart lists garnered 5x more clicks than all other display campaigns.
  • The click-through rate for remarketing campaigns was more than twice the remarketing average for other campaigns.
  • The company’s website increased traffic by over 100% and was able to re-engage users in the markets it was trying to break into, including South Asia, Latin America, and Western Europe.
  • The use of the conversion optimizer allowed to better allocate marketing costs based on bidding potential.

2. Company Description

Name-  Reembolso from Las Vegas, United States, A Sports footwear and apparel manufacturer.

How IBM Watson is being used:

The Reembolso app was created using the IBM Watson Cognitive Computing Platform. The “cognitive coaching system” was designed to act as a personal health assistant by providing users with real-time, sensor-based data-based coaching and manually input data for sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition.

The app also draws on other data sources, such as geospatial data, to determine how weather and the environment may affect training. Users can also view shared health insights based on other registered people in the Reembolso record database who share the same age, fitness, health, and other characteristics.

Value Proposition

Reembolso app has a record rating of 4.5 stars by users; Based on sensor functionality, users are encouraged to purchase (via the company’s website and mobile app) its Health box devices that synchronize with the app.

According to Reembolso’s 2016 year-end results, connected fitness accessories revenue grew 61% to $90 million.

2. Company Description

Name-  Name- Zen from Auckland, a New Zealand-based media company helps companies tailor marketing messages to individual customers.

How Azure Stream Analytics is being used?

Zen uses Azure Streams to drive customer engagement in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Japan, which make up 60 percent of the foodservice retailer’s locations worldwide. Azure Stream Analytics was used specifically to analyze and monitor the company’s stored big data analytics of about more than 40bn+ endpoints in the cloud. Based on the customer behavior patterns and responses to offers, targeted ads were made to the right groups and individuals.

Value proposition: 

  • Zen increased customer redemptions of targeted offers by 70%.
  • Customers who used the app visited this store not just once but twice and on average gave 47% more than any other non-app users.

Let’s Conclude

Business Intelligence software and tools are highly beneficial for a company. BI platform is an information system that helps managers analyze business data and make informed decisions. Business Intelligence can help you gain a better understanding of your business, and help grow your business. With Business Intelligence tools, you can track customers and employees, and figure out which products are the most popular. If you’re thinking about hiring Business Intelligence Analyst at your company, do it. So many companies ooze data and don’t know how to harness it. It can be worth so much if it is structured and analyzed properly.