Business Intelligence Solution


Business Intelligence Solution

Our dedicated team works with a variety of industry verticals and offers them real-time business analytics, business intelligence and provides assistance with compliance and governance. We help with better models for predicting and identifying the growth drivers, assortment and merchandising analysis and inventory management.

AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions

With the help of our cutting-edge BI & analytics tools, now you can test your limits!

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Almost every other company needs a business intelligence solution to stay competitive. Why? Businesses of all sizes and stages need BI tools to manage, measure, and make better business decisions. BI technologies help visualise the information produced and enhance financial results. The main advantage of business intelligence tools is that they provide the right AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions for your company. It provides a solution tailored to the organisation and relevant to your business objectives. With business intelligence and business analytics, you can track all those positive and negative impacts.

Top Services Offered By Our Team for Business Intelligence

The main objective of BI company named EDS India is to assist businesses in adopting. And mastering new technological developments and providing advanced education to new technology seekers.

BI Consulting

Our AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions provide valuable insights through various data visualisation methodologies, assisting firms in identifying gaps and opportunities. We assign a heterogeneous team of business analysts and BI technology experts to offer the best in class BI consulting services. Such a strategy enables the holistic solution of many company issues and the production of exceptional outcomes.

Support & Upkeep for BI

Our skilled specialists in BI technology can help improve and maintain an organisation’s current BI AIand ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions, including analytics, reporting, ETL, database building, and more. We provide comprehensive support AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions tailored to an organisation’s business needs and support a wide range of BI platforms and databases, resulting in low incident occurrence and decreased total cost of ownership.
Business Intelligence For Organisations

Our enterprise business intelligence AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions enable data analysis by business users of all levels by consolidating multi-formatted data from many departments and divisions of an organisation into secure and centralised data storage. Our business intelligence (BI) tools enable the entire analytics process, from data ingestion to data visualisation.

BI Application Implementation

We provide a comprehensive range of AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions, from data management and warehousing to data analytics and reporting, to ensure our clients get the most out of their BI investments. The phases involved in the process vary on the size and complexity of the project, and each BI installation project has specific requirements.

Why Should BI Be An Indispensable Part Of Your Business Core Strategy?

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Smooth Data Analysis, Clear Dashboards

Our AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions are made to do intensive data processing in the cloud or on your business's servers. The data is then analysed using user queries, drag-and-drop reports, and dashboards by BI tools after being collected from various sources and placed in a data warehouse.

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Organisational Efficacy

BI gives executives the tools to access data, get a complete picture of their business, and compare their performance to that of the entire company. Leaders might find opportunities by taking an overall view of the organisation. Our AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions allow businesses to leverage data to develop new programmes and products for the business because they spend less time on data analysis and report compilation.

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Information Based Decision Making

Customer pleasure and experience can be directly impacted by business intelligence. These dashboards gathered operational data and text information from customer assistance chat sessions. EDS India discovered areas to enhance customer service and cut the number of support calls by 43% using these AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions.

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Better Client Satisfaction

IT organisations and analysts can respond to business user requirements more quickly thanks to AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions. With little training, departments that previously could only access their data by contacting analysts or IT may now begin data analysis. BI is made to be scalable, offering data AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions to departments that require them and to people who are insatiably curious about data.

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Fluent Team Coordination

BI systems improve data analysis and organising. When using traditional data analysis, users must visit many databases to find the answers to their reporting queries because separate departments' data is compartmentalised. A single data warehouse may be created by combining these internal databases with other data sources, including customer, social, and even historical weather data. The same data can be accessed simultaneously by all departments within a company.

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Data From Credible Sources

By assisting businesses in identifying fresh opportunities and developing more intelligent strategies, our BI solutions enable businesses to gain a competitive edge. With the aid of all the data, you can spot market trends and raise the company's profit margins. Data analysis can reveal new sales trends by utilising data from internal and external markets. The state of the market can aid in identifying any business problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Why Only EDS India?

EDS India provides rapid access to data from many systems in the form of reports, visualisations, and trends, assisting enterprises in making business choices. Both on-premises and in the cloud, EDS India is easily accessible. We provide powerful ad-hoc reporting and intelligent pre-built content for fast ROI. Because of its data models, implementations can be done quickly and cheaply. To receive the business intelligence tools your team neEDS to gain a competitive edge, there is no need to spend much on consulting and services.

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1. My Company Data Will Be Secure, Right?

The availability and security of data are essential components of every IT system. The same high standards of performance, dependability, and security that you demand of the other systems in your organisation should also apply to your BI solution. Reputable BI tools use current security infrastructures to protect data. To give you a better overview, we want to tell you that the Power BI service is constructed on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and infrastructure. Power BI provides Row-Level Security, which automatically limits data access for certain users based on role, and employs Azure Active Directory (AAD) to handle user identification and rights.

2. What Differs ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software From Business Intelligence Software?

High-level discussions that result in strategic choices are sparked byAIand ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions. All of your data, including operational and strategic (revenue, profit, and growth) data, may be accessed by these AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions (daily sales performance). This makes it possible for corporate executives to analyse data and come to conclusions that support their company’s goals. However, an ERP is a tool that creates an exact operational picture of your business, frequently without the use of trend analysis, data comparison, or insights development. An ERP solution offers transactional, operational analytics, whereas AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions only offer strategic insights.

3. What Is The Procedure For Putting Business Intelligence Software Into Practice That You Use And Consider To Be Reliable?

A solid BI system should aid your business in following a defined procedure. Business intelligence is a set of procedures, systems, and tools that are used to transform unprocessed data into knowledge that can be utilised to support profitable business decisions. The following phases make up this process: Design, Shaping, Modelling, Visualisation. It should be remembered that business intelligence solution implementation is not linear. Successful implementations have a cyclic strategy, starting small, testing hypotheses, improving results, and so on. The ultimate objective, though, is a set of reports and dashboards that present useful data in a way that is both approachable and appealing.

4. Can EDS India Be Of Assistance?

Our software development team delivers AI and ML driven business analytics and reporting solutions through SQL, SharePoint, and even Microsoft Excel spreadsheets by utilising top-notch Microsoft technologies. We can assist you in focusing on obtaining accurate and timely information that enables you to make informed decisions using our BI strategy. You can call us on +91-9582970993 if you need help maximising the advantages of business intelligence.