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BI + Visualization

We assist you with leveraged and parsed data for an easy understanding that is aesthetically pleasing and in a meaningful format. You can easily identify, catalog and process the most important business drivers and KPIs with a better data quality framework. You can also rebuild the dashboards and data visualizations for actionable insights into these metrics.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation Solutions

Maximize the value of your data with our cutting-edge BI and data visualization solutions
Business Intelligence (BI) involves the use of strategies, technologies, tools, and practices to analyze and manage business information. Data visualization, including reports and dashboards, is a way to present data in a clear, visually appealing format that is easy to understand. The most effective report dashboards should have accurate, up-to-date data presented in a simple and straightforward manner. For example, data visualization can provide context to help users understand if point-in-time calculations are worth further examination or if they fall within a normal range of variance, which can streamline the decision-making process. EDS India has the expertise with extensive knowledge to help you achieve this with right solutions.

Why Should Your Business Consider BI and Data Visualisation Solutions?

The goal of BI is to provide your organization with the ability to make better decisions by leveraging data. To do this, our BI tools collect, store, and analyze data from multiple sources. This data can then be used to create reports and dashboards that provide insights into the performance of the organization. Data visualization is an important part of BI because it allows users to quickly and easily understand the data. We provide reports and dashboards that can be used to identify trends, compare performance, and identify areas of improvement. Additionally, data visualization can be used to create interactive visualizations that allow users to explore the data in more detail.

Business Intelligence and data visualization are essential components of any organization’s data strategy. BI tools can be used to collect, store, and analyze data from multiple sources, while data visualization can be used to create reports and dashboards that provide insights into the performance of the organization. By leveraging these tools, your organizations can make better decisions and improve their performance.

What are the benefits of leveraging BI and Data Visualisation Solutions by EDS India?

Our team of experts can help you create custom visualizations that are tailored to your specific needs. We use a variety of tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and QlikView to create interactive dashboards and reports that are easy to understand and interpret. We also provide data analysis and insights to help you make informed decisions.

There are several reasons why businesses should consider availing BI and data visualization services:

Improved decision-making:

Our BI and data visualization solutions allow your business to analyze and interpret large amounts of data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. This can help decision-makers to identify trends, patterns, and insights that may not have been immediately apparent from raw data.

Enhanced communication:

Our solutions can be used to create reports and dashboards that clearly communicate complex data and ideas to stakeholders. This can help to facilitate better communication within the organization and improve collaboration among team members.

Increased efficiency:

By automating data analysis and visualization processes, your business can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually analyzing and interpreting data.

Greater competitiveness:

By leveraging BI and data visualization solutions by EDS India, your business can gain a competitive edge by gaining a deeper understanding of your operations and customer behavior. This can help you to identify new opportunities and make more informed strategic decisions.

Improved customer satisfaction:

We offer solutions that can help your business to better understand their customers and tailor their products and services to meet their needs. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Team of Experts in Business Intelligence and Visualisation Can Help You With:

  • Identifying key business metrics and performance indicators to track.
  • Collecting, cleansing, and storing data from various sources.
  • Setting up dashboards and reports to monitor and track key metrics.
  • Providing data-driven insights and recommendations for business decision-making.
  • Customizing and integrating BI and data visualization solutions to meet specific business needs.
  • Providing training and support to help you and your team effectively use the BI and data visualization tools.
  • Optimizing and maintaining the BI and data visualization systems to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Providing ongoing support and guidance to help you get the most out of your BI and data visualization solutions.

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